Behind the Scenes with Ruby Rd.!
May 26, 2016


As the new Social Media Content Designer and blogger, I am happy to share ‘behind the scenes’ images from my first photo shoot with Ruby Rd.!  Despite years behind the camera, I felt renewed excitement with this opportunity.  I had the pleasure of working with brilliant and enthusiastic people, and it was thrilling to be taking photos of Kristen and Andressa!

These photos feature beautiful pieces from Ruby Rd.’s fall and winter line. I worked behind the photographer and behind the scenes, capturing moments between shoots.  There are many people working hard behind and in front of the camera to create an amazing final product, and I wanted to share their story with you.


The day started early, with many discussions over the details of the shoot!  Here we have the fantastic design team pouring over layout options.


It wasn’t long before the magic began!  The fashion photographer and the models quickly got to work, creating beautiful images like these:




Throughout the day, the team worked hard altering clothes, applying makeup, and creating sets.





Despite the long day, Andressa and Kristen always had a smile on their faces!


I am so excited to be a part of #myRubyRdstyle!  We are inspired by what you love, and can’t wait for you to become part of the style sharing!  Take a selfie, like Kristen above, and share it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag, #myRubyRdstyle, and we will be able to see your unique style!

Ruby rd_signature_red_200px






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