August ’18 Digital Wallpaper
August 20, 2018

Get an exclusive look at the prints that inspired this season’s Ruby Rd. line.
Download our one of a kind prints to use as wallpaper for your phone, tablet, or computer.

The Ruby Rd. design team combined the chic ease of jungle cat spots with touches of exotic paisley motifs, using versatile neutrals with flattering hints of flame red.  You can find it on our softest t-shirt knit styled tunic!

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We updated our best-selling tunic with this exclusively designed Paisley Border print. Paisley designs have ancient origins in Indian and Persian art, later becoming fashionable in Europe,  and coveted for its rich colors and intricate details that exuded a sense of artistry and luxury. The name comes from a town in west Scotland, made famous for it’s use of the motifs in fine gifts and apparel.


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Find these prints featured in our upcoming fall collections!

Ruby rd_signature_red_200px

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