Design Series: Bright Outlook
March 14, 2021

Welcome to our Ruby Rd. design series, where we’ll be spotlighting different spring collections and the designers behind them!

What was your inspiration behind this collection?

Bright Outlook being the first shot of spring was inspired by both the desire for the comfort of athleisure while bringing sunny days and warm weather wishes to the customer. I think it’s important to start spring out easy to wear pieces with prints that read fresh, bright, and fun.

What was the design process like?

The design process starts with looking at the runway shows and viewing new trending prints from our print service vendors.

We purchase a few prints that sit well together and start to build a group and color palette based on that selection.

We also shop the stores both in person and online-which allows us to shop globally. We can see what is in stores in Europe and even find out what street style is happening anywhere.

Once I have established what is trending, selected the prints, created the color palette, and decide on the fabrics, I begin to sketch into the concept.

Knowing our customer is key though when you begin the sketching process. Taking what is trending but making it understandable and comfortable for our customer is one of the most challenging parts of this job, and my is also my favorite aspect of design. I love the challenge.

What are your favorite spring trends, and what trends do you think will be popular in the upcoming season?

My favorite spring trends are: Pastel colors, denim, tie-dye, and the straight or wider leg pant. I think that they are all easy to wear and adaptable for our customer. I still like my skinny jeans and leggings but I love the ease and comfort of a straight or wide leg pant or jean. It feels fresh.

Tell us about yourself!  what made you want to go into design?

I have been a Fashion Designer for 26 years. I started out at Liz Clairborne after graduating from FIT. I have traveled the world designing and it has been an incredible career. It’s changed so much and still changes which keeps me on my toes. I learn something new every day. It’s been a wonderful challenge keeping up with who our customer is and what she is looking for with all the adjustments she has had to make, especially recently.

What are some behind the scenes/ interesting facts about working in design (and designing the collection) that people may not know?

I think I would have to say that it’s a lot more technical than people realize. When designing you need to know your measurements, fit,  and so many details from what type of stitch to the trim finishes and thread colors. There is so much that goes into every and every one of our garments and we all are responsible for the quality and overseeing that each garment comes out perfect.

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