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DIY Spring Wreaths!
March 10, 2021

Seasonal wreaths are the perfect way to refresh your home for Spring!  Designing your own handmade wreath produces a piece that is uniquely you, and is a fun creative outlet.

Tulip Wreath

Photo and DIY Credit:  polkadotchair.com

The addition of artificial tulips and greens to this grapevine wreath will keep it bright and cheery all season!

Candy Wreath

Photo and DIY Credit:  annaandblue.blogspot.com

Ingenious!  What a great use for all that Easter candy!  With a 12 inch wreath, a hot glue gun and candy you can create this unique piece for your home.

Fabric Scrap Wreath

Photo and DIY Credit:  hiphome.blogspot.com

This DIY is created with a wire frame wreath and fabric swatches you may already have at home!

Thin Spring Wreath

Photo and DIY Credit:  loveliesinmylife.com

This delicate wreath is made with small craft store flowers and a thin twig wreath, and is perfect for your door or inside your home!



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