Our Favorite Things: Early Spring Edition
March 23, 2016

Hello Spring!

We love Spring time in New York City!

The season’s stunning beauty and colors come to life all around us. Here are a few of our favorite things  we like to do, to refresh and find inspiration!

When Spring starts to reveal  budding trees and blooming flowers,  nature’s true beauty shines through and the city takes on a new energy. The first signs of Spring are always a treat!


Photograph by Jen Kistner  Woodbridge Photos

A tranquil walk along the Hudson River’s waterfront is one of our favorite ways to relax and renew our creativity. The soft flowers in beautiful hues are complimented by the distinctive skyline as a back drop.


Photograph by Jen Kistner  Woodbridge Photos

The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens boasts a beautiful display of Cherry Blossoms!

There is often speculation about when the first buds and blossoms will appear. We have learned, the best predictor is a good stretch of warm weather.

Watching  the charm and natural beauty of the pink and white flowers reveal themselves is like seeing a different work of art, every day!  Cherry Trees may be among the most beloved trees in New York City. They are definitely ours!


Photograph by Jen Kistner  Woodbridge Photos

Central Park is a unique place.  We like to relax in its cool green spaces, slow down and take in the city’s rhythm and scenery. We can’t resist renting a rowboat as a way to reconnect with nature. There are many trails to walk along, which offer inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds us. Birds seem to enjoy the views while perched atop the park’s  fountains.

Complete the day by gathering with friends for  a meal at the park’s iconic Tavern on the Green. Dining in their outdoor courtyard is truly a New York Spring time experience, not to be missed!


The Boat House-Photo by Ruby Rd’s own Sharon Ollivierre


A trail in Central Park-Photo by Ruby Rd’s own Sharon Ollivierre

Screenshot 2016-03-23 10.11.58

Birds Atop a Fountain by Ruby Rd’s own Sharon Ollivierre


Macy’s annual flower show is right in the heart of New York City’s thriving Midtown! The store windows beckon all whom pass  by them, revealing a delightful array of colors and fragrances that await inside! This is the perfect instant retreat in the city that never sleeps!


Macy’s Annual Flower Show 2016 window display’s%20flower%20show_mkwid_pkaxYERm2|dc_7764141460%7C-%7CkaxYERm2

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”- Henri Matisse


Photograph by Jen Kistner  Woodbridge Photos

Ruby Rd loves flowers and Springtime in our vibrant city!

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