Travel Notebook: Indian Wedding Season Edition
January 17, 2017


The annual Indian wedding season, held from October to December, is wrapping up for the year. Our very own Product Development Manager, Rachel Anand, shares the sights and flavors of her beautiful country during this most special of occasions!

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The days leading up to the wedding day are filled with important rituals that bring the families closer together.  Indian weddings are truly a family affair, and are steeped in tradition and ceremony!

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What a festive sight! Banquet halls enveloped in flowers, guests in traditional attire, and examples of intricate henna designs.

Indian brides often take part in a Mehendi ceremony, where henna is applied in beautiful designs to the bride and female family members.  The deeper the color, the more good luck the couple will have!


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Gold and red are significant colors, representing luck and wealth for the new couple. The bride will often wear a red sari or dress in this tradition.

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Indian weddings often take place under a canopy known as a Mandap. Each of the four pillars of the bridal canopy represents one of the four parents. The parents play an important role in the wedding ceremony.

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