Women Who Inspire Us
February 9, 2016


Lynn Bailey Witty; singer-songwriter, visual and performing artist. Photo Credit: Kevin Thomas Garcia

We love the way art can enhance anyone’s mood!  Listening to songs that speak to our hearts, or viewing a photo that reminds us of a special time or place and a painting that can instantly reach us in ways that words can’t, is a special gift the arts gives  to us all.  For many people, art inspires us to be our best selves, transporting us and opening up new doors to creativity. Lynn Bailey Witty is an artist who is  passionate about the performing and visual arts.

Ruby Rd was recently invited for an inside look at Lynn Bailey Witty’s most inspired works.

image002Photo credit:  Steve Erle

image003Painting Title: “Where”, By Lynn Bailey Witty

image004  Landscape Photo: By Lynn Bailey Witty

Lynn Bailey Witty is a singer-songwriter, artist, and actress.  She began performing professionally when she was nine years old.  Her classical training prepared her to become the versatile contemporary artist she is today.

Her experience in the arts spans over thirty years. With performance venues ranging as a special guest artist at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, to off Broadway and small intimate clubs, lounges and galleries. She enjoys intimate venues as they offer a unique window into her storytelling through song. This creative singer –songwriter shares some of her personal favorite cover songs. Have a listen!

image005Concert: New Philharmonia Orchestra in Newton, MA

image006Lynn Bailey Witty Performing at Carnegie Hall

Lynn finds inspiration in the natural beauty of the world. Her favorite flowers  are Peonies. She loves the shore and the way natural light at different times of the day dances on the water. She channels this Love of the world around her into beautiful paintings and photos that captures those perfect moments in the day and shares them.

image008Painting Title: “Super Moon”, By Lynn Bailey Witty

image009“Harbor and Sky” Photo  by Lynn Bailey Witty

image010“Horizon” Photo by Lynn Bailey Witty

image011Painting Title: “When I Think With My Heart”, Lynn Bailey Witty

image012   Painting Title: “Invisible”, Lynn Bailey Witty image013

Photo Credit: Photography by Dana Klein

She is currently writing new songs to record this spring.  Her music can be purchased on iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon Music.  To see more of Lynn Bailey Witty’s work, you can download her music and more!

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